Are you breathing CLEAN AIR in your home or business?

How sure are you?

Dirt blowing from air vents?

Constantly dusting and vacuuming?

Mold or bacteria growth?

Water related damage?

Signs of rodent contamination?

Lingering smoke smell

We have a solution for that!

Cost Effective

Duct Armor® saves you significant time & money compared to the alternatives!


Our proprietary Duct Armor® coating contains zinc which naturally inhibits bacterial growth.


Our process requires no demolition & most ducts can be restored in just one day!


We keep our clients involved, from a full video inspection to a comprehensive report of findings.

Marti B.

“I recently moved to St George. My house inspector failed to note that the heating system in my unit blew out a very fine red dust every time the heating unit turned on! I hated the dust in the air and the red piles of sand around the vents.  In trying to solve the problem, I investigated several corrective procedures. I could take out the venting system under my newly finished floor and replace it (the duct system and the flooring) or install a whole new venting system overhead. I was not happy with either solution and kept looking for an answer. Kevin, from Air Duct Boss, came over for an estimate. His company could coat the inside of my underground vents so that no more dust or rust or sand was available to be blown into my home. Kevin was delightful to work with, very knowledgeable and reliable. He prepared carefully, corrected my problem and helped me put my house back together. He came and delivered as promised and on time.”

Transform Your Air By Transforming Your Airducts

Want to know more about our process?

NO PROBLEM! We want our clients to understand what’s happening every step of the way.

  • FIRST you reach out by phone, email, or text.
  • SECOND we schedule a time to come out for a video inspection.
  • THIRD we assess the video footage and create a comprehensive report & proposal for your review.
  • FOURTH you schedule a convenient time for the restoration process and we come out as scheduled; beginning our work by protecting walkways and walls/carpet near the spray area.
  • FIFTH we return within 10-14 days for a second coat to insure effectiveness.

Commercial & Hospital Services

Commercial ductwork will especially begin to deteriorate over time due to normal wearing and constant air velocity. Insulated ductwork is extremely hard to clean and will harbor dangerous bacteria and mold.

BUT WE HAVE GOOD NEWS: Encapsulation of the ductwork can be accomplished without demolition or removal of ductwork, keeping systems running and completely operational.

Key benefits of our commercial process:

  • Inspection of ductwork
  • Video & written report of findings
  • Supply info on commercial application, including testing documents
  • Remediate damaged ductwork
  • Repair damaged insulation prior to coating
  • Protect fire suppression equipment in need of service
  • Stabilize existing insulation, & maintain necessary thermal value in ductwork
  • Encapsulate bacteria, mold, & asbestos
  • Encapsulate rust to halt further deterioration
  • Seal exhaust shafts for optimal performance

Authorized Duct Armor® Dealer

We are an authorized dealer for the Duct Armor® patented duct coating process.

Go to to find out more about this nationally recognized duct restoration process.

Sample Work

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