Why do I have dirt blowing out of my airducts?

This is a common problem when a system is getting older, or has had ground moisture problems over the years. Eventually the metal will rust and break down, allowing entry points for dirt. This is especially true with floor vent boxes. Duct coating will remedy all of these problems and halt the dirt from blowing out every time you turn the system on. Duct sealing will also make the system work more efficiently.

Why do I hear water in my airducts when the system is turned on?

Again, this is a very common complaint with in-slab airducts. Typically we find that additional drainage is required, perhaps simply changing the flow of irrigation to help the soil around the home dry out. Water will always find the path of least resistance and when water migrates under your home, it thinks the air ducts are a drainage system. Actually water in your air ducts is alerting you to a much bigger problem; water eroding your foundation. When we come out to inspect your ductwork, we will inspect the exterior of the home and give you recommendations on drainage and irrigation in our comprehensive report. Once these recommendations are completed and the ductwork can remain dry, repairs and duct sealing with Duct Armor will ensure your ductwork is safe and clean for many years to come.

Why do I have odd smells in my ductwork?

This is typically due to overly saturated soil under the foundation. If the ductwork has water issues or a high moisture content, bacteria and mold may form quickly. We see this quite often and we have the ability to help guide you on water management and repair of the ductwork. Sometimes we find that animals may have gotten into the ductwork and left their debris, or died inside the duct runs. Our camera inspection can identify the problem and help us to find the solution to remediate the smell. Many times duct cleaning may not be enough to remove residue left by animals (rats, mice, skunks, opossums, etc.). Our duct coating process will eliminate the smell completely by fully encapsulating the interior of the ductwork.

I have no airflow in one area. Could my ducts have collapsed?

This is a common question. We have never seen ductwork collapse without there being significant structural damage to the floors and foundation of a home. This is a rare occurrence. However, what we do find is that so much dirt has piled up in the system that it will “clog” the flow of air. This is usually due to rusted metal, water intrusion bringing ground soil in with it, and overall breakdown of the metal. A thorough and professional cleaning and coating with Duct Armor usually fixes the problem of diminished air flow.

What is Duct Armor?

Duct Amor material is a water-based latex product that contains zince, which naturally inhibits bacterial growth. It’s perfect for ductwork located in or under the slab. Our patented process requires no demolition to fully restore rusty or mold ducts, eliminating dirt, mold and bacteria in the air duct system. We’re proud to offer the solution to restoring air ducts of any type, including: commercial & residential, in-slab, overhead, flex or metal ducts, fiberglass, transite & asbestos, and exposed rooftop systems. The patented process saves you significant amounts of both time and money! Most systems can be restored in just one day! Please see the official Duct Armor website for more information on the product and data testing sheets: https://ductarmor.com/

Where is the Duct Armor product made?

Our material is proudly made in the USA.

Is Duct Armor safe?

Our material has been rigorously tested for quality and safety. It is compliant under EPA standards for asbestos encapsulation. This means the asbestos doesn’t have to be removed, but instead can be safely encapsulated. All product testing data results can be found online at https://ductarmor.com/.

Does Duct Armor have a warranty?

Yes. Duct Armor is maintenance free and is backed by a 15 Year Warranty.

What about outside exposed duct systems?

The durability of the proprietary Duct Armor product has been proven even when applied to the exterior of exposed rooftop air duct systems.

Fiberglass flaking out of your commercial air duct system?

The Duct Armor coating will stabilize the fiberglass surface and halt the further disbursement of these deadly fiberglass fibers. The coating can be applied while the building is occupied and without deconstruction of the ceilings and walls. Duct Armor has successfully completed many projects for the private commercial sector, schools, as well as military and government buildings.

Can you encapsulate Sonotube?

When moisture is present, the Sonotube’s cardboard shell starts to deteriorate. Airflow is then impeded and mold, dirt and allergens are released into the home or office space. Duct Armor will restore air flow and make the air supply safe and clean once again.

Should I just abandon the system and go overhead with my ducts?

We will always give you a honest answer if we feel this is the right direction to go. However, many times clients find that once they actually get to see what is inside the ductwork, they find it is not as bad as they thought. Also, the cost to remodel and go overhead can typically be 3-4 times the cost of Duct Armor and will take weeks, if not months to complete. The Duct Armor coating is done in 1-2 days depending on the condition of the system. Down time is an important factor as no one wants to live in a construction zone unless you have to.